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A Healthier You depends on a few factors.

 • What you consume
 • What you use externally
 • What you're exposed to in your environment.

We actually get paid to create a Healthier You.
You too can earn an income while bettering the lives of yourself and others.

We offer a wide array of products to fit the needs of many consumers in today's busy marketplace. In the Land of And there are infinite possibilities, you can have it all!
In a recent poll, the things most important to people are personal, financial and professional.
Reality Check!! Many people are running hard and going nowhere! Over 3 million jobs were lost in 2008. Are you in Survival mode or Possibility mode?? Fortunately, there is a Better Way! In the Land of And, our goal and mission for 2009 is to change the lives of 1 million people and make a difference for them in this difficult economy.

The GREEN movement has come of age, NOW is the time to consider the impact we have on the planet. Since 1956 we have been the leader in green, organic, and nature based products.

See the highlights of Oprah's show on Going Green. Our first necessity products were featured and created tremendous audience excitement.

We were the first Climate Neutral Certified Company in the United States. That means that we have no climate impact because we offset 100% of our greenhouse emissions through various partnerships and alliances.
Welcome to Healthier You!
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